Our business runs on EOS.

We know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and we empower our team with the tools they need to support one.

EOS Overview

Implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating SystemⓇ in our own business has helped us to gain clarity, focus in, and create a healthy, functional leadership team — even as we’ve grown far beyond our wildest dreams.

Working with us for your accounting and financial needs means we’ll bring that expertise and perspective to your business, too.


Cutting edge without cutting fun.

Fantastic people.

We’ve learned how to get the right people in the right seats, and we can help you, too.

Solutions over bandaids.

We don’t just want to find a solution for a problem, we want to ensure that the problem is banished for good.

Consistency means scalability.

If you can’t replicate it, does the process even work? We’re all about documentation so we can show up time and time again.

Work-life balance.

Our entire team, from the top-down, strives for a work-life balance that, well, works.

Measure what matters.

Measuring the right things means we are focusing in on what actually matters – in our business and in yours.

Clear vision.

We don’t start working until we know what we’re working toward.

Our takeon EOS.

CEO Heide Olson and COO Becky Lewis discuss
what it’s like to be an EOS-driven firm.

Pick our brain.

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