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Broad Finance [H2B2 Broad Workshops]

EVERYONE needs to know how money works, both personally and professionally. And we all agree that for those in the Second in Command role, financial acumen is a non-negotiable… At the same time, we rarely see that expectation clearly defined. Largely because the organizations we lead as Seconds are so different! You need completely different tools and strategies to lead different organizations, like a $3M non-profit food pantry a $25M B-Corp Consultancy a $1B for-profit manufacturing company a $500K Web Design Agency

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All In One Accounting Rebrands as Accountinuity

In the second phase of an initiative to have two separate brands serving its two distinct types of clients, All In One Accounting has launched Accountinuity, a dedicated brand serving the company’s for-profit entrepreneurial clients. 

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Accountinuity Announces Chad Guillory as it's Chief Revenue Officer - Accountinuity

Accountinuity is thrilled to announce the appointment of Chad Guillory as its new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), effective February 5

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